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Minako, Ami, Makoto, Rei

Senshi's Statistics
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CPunk (Type-I) Mixmaster (Type-II)

Here are the keys of recently active Remailers: (NOT UPDATED REGULARLY!)
Mixmaster type2.lis
Mixmaster pubring.mix

PGP Keys of some (ex-)Remailer Admins
Capabilities and PGP Keys of the Senshi Remailer and it's Admin

Modifications to Reliable
"Reliable v1.0.5 Senshi" is built with the following Modifications:
AuthorPatch NameDescription
Senshi-Admin SA_02 Fix for incorrect or non-standard Date headers
Senshi-Admin SA_03 If ping response date is prior to ping, use current time
Frog-Admin PotatoX_COM001 Avoid invoking a second version of the program
Frog-Admin PotatoX_REL006 Fix a bug in weekly load as provided in remailer-stats
Nuther-Planet NP-003 Fix for double entries in generated stats
Nuther-Planet NP-004 Addition of "remailer-adminkey" function

Problems with undecryptable messages

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